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citasalud presente en el ARAB HEALTH 2012 de Dubai

El sistema de gestión de esperas citaSalud fue presentado con gran éxito, en la última edición del congreso ARAB HEALTH de Dubai, el mayor congreso...

citaSalud, present in 17 national congress of hosp...

citaSalud be present at the 17th National Congress of hospitals, to be held in Madrid, IFEMA from 26 to 29 April. From the hand of...

The magazine publishes an article on DINTEL citaSa...

HEAD Magazine for the dissemination of computer engineering and Telecomunicaión, publishes an article on the management system citaSalud expect in the innovation and development section...

citaSalud finalist awards ENISE

The management solution citaSalud expect, is selected as a finalist in the 4th edition of the awards for Best ENISE service based on the DNIe....


 Improved quality of service

  • The provision of real time data, historical data and reports and statistics on waiting time for patients, help improve the overall quality of service.

Improve communication and productivity

  • The self-service, real-time data, digital signage and call for consultation, improve communication and allow medical care more efficient and productive.

Save costs                               

  • The system call to query and automatic registration of patients to optimize the waiting rooms and human resources, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

Avoid penalties                             

  • The anonymous call to query using tickets, eliminating the need to publish or disseminate the lists patients' names, ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act and avoiding penalties.


1. Patients are registered in the stands citaSalud

  • With the health card, or other authorized card DNIe in the center, patients are recorded in the self-service terminal, pick up your ticket number and head to the waiting room.

2. Doctors get real time data

  • Throughout the book or software citaSalud integrated hospital management system, doctors can know in real time patients are waiting in the room.

 3. And call from his terminal patients.

  • By a simple click, your doctor may call the patient from his terminal, refer you to another query, or return to the room.

4. The patient comes for consultation when your number appears on the monitors

  • The ticket number of the patient and the number of query are displayed and / or monitors locutionary in the waiting room. The patient goes to the consultation.

What is it?

citaSalud is the queuing system most comprehensive health sector

It consists of a combination of hardware devices and software applications that help streamline patient flow within the health center anonymously, efficient and automated.

It offers different solutions for: Public and private hospitals, primary health centers, clinics ...

Avoid penalties and improved management ...

The management system of waiting, citaSalud not only helps to enforce the rules and avoid penalties, but also improves the management of medical agendas, gaining efficiency and reducing costs.


Toledo Hospital

Hospital Universitario de Guadalaja...

Primary Ciudad Real

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